When you feel lonely and withered, BLOOM

When you are left wondering and uncertain, BLOOM

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale your fears and insecurities

Inhale self love and courage, sometimes “less is indeed more”

Open your eyes to possibilities and opportunities laying in wait for you

Smile, you would find yourself again, if you look deep down within you

Just like how Gold has to pass through the furnace to get rid of all its impurities, trust your process

You are a master piece, passionately and meticulously sculpted by the sculptor, you are unique

Live, learn, laugh, love. Soon enough, you would know why it all happened and that it’s for the best

The thick cloud of doom, looming over you, causing you to be gloomy, would soon give way to the rising, of the rays of hope that the sun brings

Bloom, Sunflower

Bloom where you are planted

Bloom, you are worthy of it

Bloom without fears.

Inspired by ~ Life happenings

Written by ~ 🐝